The Garnet Ketu Epe

The Garnet Ketu Epe

The Garnet Ketu Epe is a reliable and promising residential landed property in a prime location. What if your money constantly increases exponentially without you having to work a minute longer or a calorie harder, wouldn't that be cool?

Epe is projected to be the next mega city after Ibeju Lekki. With prominent developments such as the proposed international airport, the fourth mainland bridge, and Alaro city. Epe is the future of Lagos in terms of investment.

Real estate is a rock-solid investment. A key to protecting your money for generational wealth. The Garnet Ketu Epe is open for sale now.

Size: 500 Sqm

Topography: Dryland

Price: ₦1,000,000

Title: Registered Survey and Residential Approval.


  • Smooth Road Network,
  • Well-situated drainage,
  • Gardens & Landscaping,
  • Bright and Stable Streetlight,
  • Gated and Tranquil Environ,
  • Genuine Legal Document.


  • Epe Resort and Spa
  • Ketu-Epe Express Way,
  • Along Itoikin Road
  • Government College Ketu Epe
  • Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture Ketu Epe
  • Jubilee Resort can,
  • Pan Atlantic University,
  • Eleganza Industry.

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