Building and survey plans in Nigeria

Building and Survey Plans in Nigeria

The relationship between building and survey plans in Nigeria cannot be overemphasised. They are two of the most important documents in real estate you cannot do without as long as you want to remain a law abiding citizen and a smart real estate investor.

A building plan is a graphical representation of what a building will look like when it is completed. It is prepared by a certified architect. It is important for the building plan to be approved before construction commences on your site to avoid penalties and other disturbances.

A survey plan, on the other hand is a document that shows the size and the boundary of a parcel of land. It gives a precise measurement and description of that land. A survey plan must be logged in at the office of the Surveyor-General of the state before it is considered to be registered.

Relationship Between Approved Building Plan and Registered Survey

It is important to know that your building plan cannot be approved until you have been able to provide the registered survey plan. This means it is very important to include the money for these two documents in your budget when planning to acquire a land. Even if you buy a land that has registered survey, it is advisable to process another one in your name to avoid encountering challenges when registering your building plan.

On the other hand, do not bother yourself if you buy a house that already has building and survey plans, the Deed(the legal document) transfers all the documents to you by law. Do not be bothered getting another registered survey plan and approved building plan in your name, unless you're planning to pull it down and erect another structure different from what is in the building plan.

One of the advantages of buying your landed properties through us is that we help you go through the stress of registering the survey plan when you buy lands from us and we help you bear the stress of obtaining approved building plan when you buy our apartments.

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